Dr Maylene Pineda


Obstetric services are focused on delivering care during each trimester of pregnancy through to childbirth and postnatal care. Dr Pineda will regularly monitor the health of yourself and your baby as your pregnancy progresses, provide advice and information on birthing options, and assist with the development of parental skills including infant feeding support and required adjustments at home.

Dr Pineda has additional training in Maternal Fetal Medicine to provide obstetric services for high risk pregnancies. If you have experienced pregnancy loss in the past, have certain risk factors such as medical conditions which may impact on your pregnancy or are made worse by pregnancy, or have experienced complications in previous pregnancies such as premature birth or birth via caesarean section, you will need specialised care.

Dr Pineda will work with you to identify and manage risk factors and to reduce anxieties wherever possible, providing personalised, patient-centred care. She will listen to your concerns and strive to support your emotional needs in a safe and reassuring environment.

Pregnancy risks increase for mothers older than 35 years, and can be complicated by pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, thyroid and endocrine problems and obesity.

Among the most common pregnancy-related problems are gestational diabetes (a type of diabetes which only develops during pregnancy) and preeclampsia (a syndrome with symptoms including high blood pressure, swelling and urinary protein).

Twins/multiple pregnancies, intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) (where the baby is smaller than expected at a particular date in the pregnancy), or problems with the location of the placenta, can also be risk factors.

In such cases pregnancy pre-planning can be invaluable in ensuring optimal health prior to the onset of pregnancy. This can help to minimise the impact of any underlying medical conditions during your pregnancy.

Dr Pineda will also discuss risks and potential outcomes frankly and compassionately and advise of any treatments that are likely to assist with risk minimisation. Your family history will also be examined as will health, lifestyle and dietary considerations. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and express any fears or concerns.

In the event of a high-risk pregnancy additional scans, tests and visits may be required to ensure the best possible care for yourself and your baby.

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